Here’s a revised and re-formulated version of my travelogue through Italy, you know, to make it more appealing to prospective employers and the glitterati of the literati.  The premise is the same, only a few locations booked in advance…3 nights in the Cinque Terre region (Levanto) which included my birthday, 3 nights in Trieste (due to my graduate studies in James Joyce) and 2 nights in Como (because it sounded like a good way to end the trip)…and a whole month to explore Italy by train, semi-randomly picking destinations along the way. Octobre 2013, multi bene!


A good friend and golfing buddy just so happens to be married to a fantastic lady who had a brother living and working in Milano.  Sometimes that’s how it works, take advantage (but not too much) of those bouts of random human interconnectedness.  An ongoing theme the more you travel.  He’s about my age and living the dream of working at the Mars chocolate factory in Italy after growing up in the Northeastern US and living post-college in Florida.  Talk about a good gig!  Anyway, he offered to let a stranger sleep on a spare bed in his room at the beginning and end of the trip.  Can’t express enough (in Italian or English) how much an accommodation such as this is worth, especially for a first-time visitor to Europe and one as un-prepared as I. 


Instead of starting with the impressions and descriptions of Milan (smoking a joint on his balcony in the rain comes to mind, view from said balcony)



I will start with my journey forth…away from the known world and into the great unknown which every traveler must become accustomed to, like a bird leaving the nest, unsure of why but knowing instinctually that it was time to take in more of the world on your own.


Thanks for re-living it with me!

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